What is Mosaic Generation?

An online platform collecting a curated group of artists, songwriters and worship leaders who are united in their Catholic faith. We are creating a community for artists to connect and collaborate while also providing a resource for promoters and event planners who are looking for quality musicians for their events. We will also provide music industry education, tools and resources to better equip the event planners.

Who is Mosaic Generation for?

We are starting with focusing on two main groups:

  1. Artists, Songwriters & Worship Leaders - providing community and promoting artistry
  2. Churches, Event Hosts, Organizations, Promoters, Venues, etc. - providing resources, music business education and access to quality musicians for their events

What are the initial goals of Mosaic Generation?

Creating Community for Like-Minded, Working Artists:

The hope is this will immediately be created upon the launch of the website. This group of artists will be non-exclusively connected in this initial group we are putting together.

Resources for Event Planners:

This will include content (including blogs posts, videos, etc.) around topics like “How to book an artist” or “How to promote your event.” These are just two major areas that are vital to an artist’s career in which we’ve found many people who are planing events aren’t educated. We want to provide this resource to make things smoother for artists and add support to event planners.

Creative Content:

We will have a blog section on the website (to be implemented soon after the initial launch) where we will ask the artists to contribute to by sending us content like their latest song to share, a new video release, upcoming projects, BIG events they are a part of, inspiration behind songs/albums/videos, what they’re doing creatively that’s fun or fresh or new, what they’re praying about, what’s inspiring them, why they do what they do, how they use their talents in their daily lives, etc. This section could be content that the artists are already sharing but aggregating and promoting it through this new platform as additional promotion for the artist.

Tour Dates:

This will be a comprehensive and updated list of every artist's tour dates (to be implemented soon after the initial launch) and will serve as a “one stop shop” for event planners, churches and fans to discover where these artists are playing. This will provide further promotion for what each artist is doing on the road, aggregated together on one platform.


We want to serve the artist by providing another platform where their music and mission can be discovered. We also want to serve the event planners by providing one online destination where they can discover and learn more about quality musicians, what they’re working on, see when they will be playing near their city, etc. Simply put, you promote Mosaic and Mosaic promotes you!

Do the artists have to pay anything to be a part of Mosaic Generation?

We are inviting you to join this community for free as our initial group of artists! In the future, we may explore the idea of membership tiers but this will not affect you.

Are we making money off of this group artists?

No. We want to expand the artist’s reach and influence so they can gain more recognition, sales of their music, event bookings, etc. Right now, we are paying the costs in time and resources to launch MG. In the future, we may explore revenue streams such as sponsorships, advertising, donations, grants, etc to offset operational expenses.

What Mosaic Generation is not…

A business, a nonprofit, a for-profit. We are simply a website …for now! We hope for this to grow into something more; your input will be extremely valuable in this process.

Are we a booking agency, management company, publishing company or record label?

No. Could we someday become one of those? Sure! Right now, the focus is to serve this group of artists by providing another platform to promote their artistry, as well as providing a series of valuable resources to event planners and promoters.

Other organizations that inspired us as we researched...

+ several booking agencies & record labels

Who is “we"?

Rebecca Jones // Artist Manager, Founder of Redbird Artists Agency & Co-Founder of Mosaic Generation

Josh Blakesley // Singer/Songwriter, Worship Leader & Co-Founder of Mosaic Generation

Jason B. Jones // Creative Director @ Integrity Music & Co-Founder of Mosaic Generation